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We Believe in Artificial Intelligence
The first recruitment platform using AI/ML algorithm to identify, rank, and assess the right candidate utilizing a chatbot to narrow down the selection for hiring managers. Companies can now hire a contractor from anywhere in the world. With the implementation of Blockchain, AIRecruiter can store a candidate's background checks and personal information securely. AIRecuiter's use of Blockchain allows for smart contracts and payments using Ripple Cryptocurrency.
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Roopa Amberkar, Chief Operating Officer and has 15 years of experience in recruiting. She previous owned consulting business and sold Adv. Specialty business.
Roopa Amberkar
COO and Owner
Amit Chavan, Technology expert in blockchain, AI & ML. Developing products for 20 years.
Amit Chavan
CTO, Product Development R & D
Warren Strickland, helps team in business strategy. Sr. Adviser Director with Emeritus.
Warren Strickland
Strategic Business Adviser
Extensive experience in strategic positioning and developing technology marketplace.
Seth Asher
VP Sales and Marketing

AI Recruiter
Get Quality Candidates and New Hire Retention
AI Resume Builder & Analytics
Upload multiple profiles and comparative analytics
Career Switch with Reskilling
Access profile to switch career path with learning
AI Recruiter

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AI Recruiter

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AI Recruiter Platform Recognized by HR Tech Outlook

AI Recruiter platform team is proud to have been recognized by HR Tech Outlook as Top 10 disruptive technologies in HR.

— Chief Operating Officer

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